My Vietnam itinerary


So we finally received our visas for Vietnam! I can’t quite believe it’s only 19 days till me and my best friend/boyfriend get to go on our amazing 17 day adventure! This travel holiday has been nearly a year in the planning! I can’t actually get over the fact we are finally getting to go! Even tho the thought of leaving my little baby (fur baby) for the first time is killing me! But knowing he’s going to be with my mum makes me feel better! So this is a mix of emotions at the minute! But mostly excitement!

So we have packed out this holiday like you can’t believe! We are staying in 6 different places in the space of 17 days. But hey it will probably be the only time we go to Vietnam so we might as well make the most of it!

So with this trip coming along very quickly I thought I might share my ridiculously packed out itinerary with you all

March 10th – 11am .. skip 12 hours sitting on a flight then + 7 hours time difference then we finally arrive at Hanoi on the 11th of March at 5am (hello jet lag). And from the second we arrive in Hanoi the craziness begins! We get to spend 1day/night in Hanoi!

Halong Bay- no time for jet lag the next day as we get picked up around 7am for our 3.5 hour car journey over to the famous Halong Bay! Where we get to spend 2days/1night on an over night cruiser taking in the beautiful sights of Halong Bay! Along with kayaking, cooking classes and touring around the caves!

Back to Hanoi – then skip a night/day and jump back on the bus for another 3.5 hour car journey back to Hanoi. We should arrive there around 4.30ish and we get to spend the evening back in Hanoi! Probably the night to unwind and take in the Hanoi nightlife! Find ourselves a little bar down Ta Hien street and have a few drinks! Because the first night we have there I recon the jet lag will be horrible!

Sapa – now I might want to make sure we don’t drink to much as we are up early again (7am) to be picked up to endure a 5/6 car journey up to the beautiful mountains of sapa! (This is the part of our trip I’m looking forward to most) where we will get to see the rice fields! And most importantly we are getting to stay in Topas Eco lodge on the outskirts of sapa. Check their Instagram! You won’t be disappointed! We get to spend 3days/2nights in this amazing location! Trekking and getting to see how the locals really live! And not forgetting enjoying the amazing infinity pool looking out onto the mountains.

Hanoi – overnight sleeper train to dong hoi – so after what I’m guessing will be fantastic 3 days In sapa, we then get back in the car to do the 5/6 hour drive back to Hanoi, to then get out the car and straight onto an overnight sleeper train! Yeah you heard me right, a sleeper train in Vietnam for over 10 hours! This should defiantly be an experience! (One I’m already nervous about) don’t look up reviews on this if you ever want to do this. That was a mistake I have made already and it’s freaking my out!

phong nha-ke bang national park – or skull island to anyone that has seen King Kong! On the plus side we are doing this train journey so we can stay at this beautiful national park for 2nights/3days on a beautiful water front bungalow! This is where we get to be a little adventurous in our travels as we get to do a full day of hiking/kayaking/trekking through the national park and get to see the caves! And that amazing view that’s in the King Kong films! Along with chilled nights by the river and exploring the local town.

Phu Quoc – and…. relax!! Well not forget the night stop over we have to do in Ho Chi Minh City airport to get to this island! (We are staying in a hotel over night so it’s not that bad) this island which looks stunning has hardly any flights going in and out! So this is our chill out time! We get a full 5 nights here!!!! And I plan to spend these days sun bathing, snorkelling, diving, getting drunk and eating lots and lots of food! I’m getting excited about this just thinking about it! And I’m hoping to catch some sort of tan while I’m here so when I come home I actually look like I’ve been on holiday!

Hi chi minh city – the last stop on our crazy adventure! We are here for 1night/2days to finish our trip, and I’m already nervous about going to do the chi chi tunnels! Don’t get me wrong I also can’t wait to do this but the thought of tunnelling seriously scares me. But I also like challenging myself so here’s the mix of emotions again! And also this is meant to be a seriously beautiful city!

So there we go our 17day crazy adventure! I’m hoping to take lots of photos, learn a lot about the culture, smile, laugh and just have the most amazing time! I actually can’t wait!!!!


Sticking to my New Years resolutions


So every year I decide to make a list of New Years resolutions, and in all honestly they always end up being the same old boring resolutions that I make every year (lose weight, save money, visit family more etc) and i start the year with the best of intentions, I get a new gym membership, normally at a different gym because I tell myself the reason I give up is because the class times never suit me. I also stop online shopping (as much) I book a flight back home and I do tend to stick to them for around a month or two, then for some reason it all goes out the window!

So this year I have decided to scrap all those resolutions and change it up! because well after 5 years of them not working I think I have to!

So after having a long old think about what they should be.. as I really wanted them to be realistic and also things that I really do want to do differently I have come up with 4 New Years resolutions that I am defiantly going to stick to! And why I think they are possible…

1. Be more positive.

So sometimes like a lot of people I bet, sometimes I let myself get into my head way to much. I over think and over analyse everything and always tend to get stuck worrying about the negative side of things and it makes me forget about the positive. So this year I’m going to look at the positive in every situation before I let myself worry about the negative. Also I get worked up about other people, just as an example:- why people don’t make the effort, or why people don’t come down to visit etc and this year (and hopefully from now on) I’m going to take a step back and try and understand people a little better and there reasons. Because well everyone has such a busy life and sometimes don’t mean things the way I take them. I wear my heart on my sleeve that I can’t change but I can try and see the positive over the negative.

2. Get fit.

I know, I know this sounds silly because it’s very similar to one of my old resolutions:- losing weight, but if I’m being honest I’m not over bothered about losing weight as such, it’s more toning up, and being in general a lot fitter. As at the Minute I can’t run for longer than a minute without getting breathless! So being fitter is a more realistic expectation for myself. Hopefully with getting fitter/healthier the weight will naturally come off along with that!

3. Learn something new

Now this is one I’m working on at the minute, as when I say I want to learn something new I also want to enjoy doing it! Because well what’s the point in doing it if you don’t enjoy it? So at the minute I’m attempting to learn to bake, I class this as something new because when we were younger my mum used to just buy the Tom and Jerry kits, which was fun… (and I still eat from time to time) but I’ve been told that doesn’t really count as actually learning to bake! Although it might change, I’m enjoying it but it might end up clashing with resolution number 2! So I’m also going to go on a photography course incase the baking fails!

4. Laugh more

This one probably seems silly to most people but this is one I really want to focus on, because life can become so serious that i forget to just let go sometimes. This one comes with loads of benefits because I laugh most when I’m with the people I care about, and doing things I enjoy. So this means I need to visit my family and friends more, go on loads of adventures with Matt and my new puppy Groot, and just generally do more things that just makes me happy. Trying to take everyday as it comes because life is way to short!

So to conclude this, all my resolutions this year sort of merge into one, but each one means a lot to myself so i really want to stick to them this time! They are all a little more realistic and will all help my general well being! (Maybe not the baking) but really if I do stick to them I recon 2019 will be a much happier/more exciting year!

Mental health awareness

So today was mental health awareness day. I never posted anything just because I was reading and being empowered by everyone else’s amazing stories and just taking in how great it is that people are finally starting to open up and talk about mental health issues.
I think in reality we all suffer from some form of mental health issues even if we can’t quite recognise it. May it be depression, anxiety, loneliness or anything else. People are now starting to realise its actually good to talk about it! Now that people are being a lot more open about their problems/feelings it might just make it easier for everyone to talk about.
I have suffered through Different forms of mental health issues and also watched a lot of people I truly love and care for go through it. Which I think in theory is what caused me to suffer in the end. Trying to be strong for others can take its toll on you, I know it did me. I tend to take on other peoples problems and try and fix them, and when I can’t fix something for someone I struggle. I hate seeing people suffer. I also do like to be as positive as I can be about every situation, so Me being me always tried to not show anything got to me but in reality it breaks you even more inside to keep it all in. In my luck I had Matt (the boyfriend) he kept me going through everything!
I moved to London to try and change my life, and be with the person I love. But at the start of me moving away, after leaving all my friends and family in Scotland (which was hard enough on its own). My family suffered a massive loss. We lost 4 very close family members all within a year and a half of each other. Seeing what that done to my family, it broke them apart. In a time where in my eyes everyone should be coming together it done the complete opposite!
When you aren’t physically there you feel like you are doing something wrong. Watching family members falling deep into serious depression, going through that feeling of being helpless because you aren’t there in person, while also trying to grieve myself, trying to start a new life, also trying to be there for everyone (because you are meant to be the strong one) … Was bloody hard!! It took me a long time to realise I was suffering silently.
Until I spoke! I broke down one day to Matt and that was me. The relief from just talking about what was going on inside my head! You think if you talk about it people are going to think you are crazy! But it’s done the opposite! It was like a weight completely lifted off my shoulder. I finally realised that I’m not alone! And everyone in some way or another has similar things going on in their heads! Don’t get me wrong I still have my down days but the fact that I now don’t feel scared to speak about it has been the best thing ever!
It’s opened up my eyes to the fact you definitely can’t judge a book by its cover! The people you think are the strongest are sometimes the people suffering the most. Just talk to each other! I know if I had opened up to someone sooner I would have saved myself A LOT of hidden tears! And just check on each other from time to time! Because sometimes someone just needs someone to listen to them!

So really the gist of this story is… you are not alone! And It really is ok not to be ok!

A little bit about Teri


Hey everyone! Yeah as you have all probably guessed I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m very new to this, but I just though I would start sharing my thoughts/opinions/stories etc. I suppose this is probably a lifestyle blog? Or just a rant sometimes. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and keep putting it off. I’m not even sure if anyone will ever see this but I thought why not give it a go?

So I think I should probably give you a quick introduction of myself … oh also Just if you haven’t figured out yet, writing isn’t something I’m very good at, so spelling/grammar etc is going out the window! So as along as you don’t care about that then I suppose you might want to keep reading?

I do tend to get distracted from what I’m doing a lot so this may not be for everyone!

So… Hi.. My name is Teri McGuinness, I’m 26 years old, I was born and raised in Scotland, in a little town called Lanark (William Wallace’s home town) but having met my amazing boyfriend Matt over 7 years ago now, and having done around 2 years of the long distance thing, I decided to take the plunge and move down to the “Big smoke” to be with him(Essex technically but London sounds better).

I have a rather large crazy family, my parents are divorced, both happily re married, I have 2 little brothers, 2 older step brothers and a step sister, so pretty decently sized. But hey.. who’s family isn’t big nowadays! All the step family have children of their own (Im sure I will introduce them to you all in time). Me on the other hand I will happily be a slightly older mum, I have way to many places I want to visit first!

Matt and I bought our first home together in March 2017, where I had been living with his parents for 3 years while we saved to buy a house. So that probably tells you a lot about me… I left my mums house and moved into another mums house, so when buying our first house there were a lot of adjustments I had to make… like doing my own ironing? Who even has time for that!? it must be the worst job out of all house hold jobs! Although I have found I absolutely love cooking! (So does the stone I’ve put on since moving out right enough) and i love buying things for the house! Not a chore I know but more like a hobby now!

I’m a hairdresser by profession, so I work every hour under the sun! But I love my job so I’m very lucky! It’s great making people feel good about themselves!

When I’m not working i love planning holidays! I always need something to look forward to! My dream job would be to travel the world and get paid for it (too much to ask for ?) I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to a fair few countries now! But I still have the biggest bucket list in the world)

I also love watching tv! I know most people do but I bet I have seen more box sets than you can ever imagine (it’s ok I read as well so that makes up for it.. I think) there’s something about just getting home from work, into my pyjamas and snuggling up on the couch and binge watching amazing tv! Don’t get me wrong I’m also prone to a bit of reality tv as well! Got to have a bit of both!

On weekends my favourite date night is dinner and drinks! We are both such foodies! I love good food and good wine! Always out trying new restaurants! I love it!

If I’m not eating … I love a comedy club! Or live music! You cannot beat a laugh and a good song! I grew up in what you could class as a country town so me and my friends where always down the pub listening to whoever was playing in the local pub

So there you have it… a quick introduction of myself! I’m sure you will find out much more in time, but this is just a little about Teri ….. for now